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You can live in your home while it's on the market!

It can be stressful to try and sell a home you're currently occupying. It can be a tall task to make a living space seem presentable and appealing to potential buyers. When I'm staging a home that is occupied, I’ll bring the home owner's space to life by giving each room a unique and clear purpose, establishing a complementary texture and color palette and selecting pieces that work to enhance the intrinsic beauty of the home.

By swapping out existing chairs and artwork and adding a more dramatic centerpiece we were able to use the client's existing table and a rug that was from another part of the home. Making for a much more inviting space and downplaying the mirrored walls.

The client had a lovely great room with good, strong base furnishings. We were able to feature the fireplace and soaring ceilings with rearranging the furniture and updating the artwork. 

The client's 4-poster bed was cutting the room in half and made the ceilings appear low. So we removed the end posts, repositioned the dresser to the end of the room to make for additional walking space to the master bath. We also were able to bring in a sofa from another room of the house to make for a luxurious master.

This dining room was being used as a play space which was not going to attract potential buyers, so we reclaimed the space as a formal dining room buy using cost-effective rental furnishings. We suggested the homeowner remove the curtains and paint the space with SW Agreeable Gray, and the results were stunning.

This master bedroom looked dark and dated with the dark green comforter and swagged curtains. We removed the window treatments and dressed the bed with more inviting linens which we assisted the homeowner with purchasing so they could use them in their next home. We also edited a few pieces of furniture and placed an accent chair from another location in the home in the corner to create a reading nook.

Selling your home during the holidays can be a benefit due to the lack of competition. However, it is important that you don't have holiday decorations displayed. Having the furniture in the position that best enhances the space is key making a connection with the buyer.

This amazing transformation was accomplished by painting the entire space a more neutral lighter color, removing the heavy dated drapes, editing the personal items and furniture.

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