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Set the Stage with Style!

Here I’ll define what type of look to expect with each virtual staging style.

Blue and gold furnishings

Bridge City Staging specializes in virtual home staging for clients who are looking for a marketing edge to stand out from the competition in selling their home online. Effective virtual staging is all about appealing to the largest number of potential buyers.

Knowing what design style is best for your property may seem daunting, but don’t worry — Bridge City Staging has got you covered!

1. Modern


When virtually staging with a modern design you can expect to see furniture with straight lines that incorporate metal, glass and steel for a sleek look. Expect to see a limited color palette, the modern style lets the natural elements do the talking. Neutral tones are used to create a calming and inviting feel. Sometimes it can be difficult to distinguish between modern and contemporary furniture designs. The main difference between modern and contemporary is that modern relates to the architectural styles popular between the 1920s and 1970s. Contemporary design belongs to the current time period. Bridge City Staging excels in knowing what best represents a property and ensures that all the furniture in our virtual staging matches the style and price point of the listing.

2. Contemporary


Contemporary design features smooth surfaces and clean lines. Furniture selections are bold with sweeping curves. It emphasizes the openness of the space and is all about seeing the beauty of the unadorned style to create a room where less is more. Soft contemporary furniture resonates more with its natural surroundings and uses warm materials like hardwood, instead of rigid materials like marble or metal.

3. Scandinavian

Tined furniture

Intrinsic to Scandinavian design are the design principles of functionality, simplicity and minimalism. Virtually staged rooms designed in the Scandinavian style tend to have white walls, natural textures such as warm wood and stone. You can expect a neutral color pallet with sepia hues and with pops of color. Scandinavian design is not just IKEA, it originates from Nordic influences which emphasize clean lines, utility, and simple furnishings that are functional, beautiful, and cozy.

4. Modern Farmhouse

Modern Farmhouse

A virtually staged room in the modern farmhouse style is the perfect combination of the traditional country look with more minimal contemporary design. Think cozy, simple, rustic and comfortable. You can expect to see reclaimed wood, shiplap, wrought iron, neutral colors and big comfy furniture.

Organic materials such as stone, wicker, rattan and sisal are used to help connect the space to the outdoors.

5. Urban/Industrial


Do you have an urban loft you are looking to virtually stage? The industrial style could be just what your property needs. Urban chic takes its design cues from old factories and industrial spaces. You can expect an open floorplan with exposed rafters, reclaimed wood, iron, brink and concrete. Industrial style furnishings combine old elements from the passage of time.

6. Coastal


Are you looking for your property to reflect the surf, sand and sky? Rooms virtually staged in the coastal style bring in natural elements of the seaside, using color and texture. Think the use of airy colors with pops of navy or hues of blue and green sea glass. Coastal design welcomes texture to the space with driftwood finishes on the furniture, woven lampshades, jute rugs and relaxed cotton furniture.

7. Traditional


Last but not least is the traditional style. A virtually staged room in the traditional style will most likely have a more formal furniture arrangement and be layered in color and texture bringing a sense of history and glamour to the property. Traditional style includes luxurious fabrics such as silk, velvet and linen with damask, floral and striped patterns.

Have no fear, Bridge City Staging is here! Trust Bridge City Staging with all your virtual staging needs.

Call 503-810-9527 to schedule your next virtual staging project!

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