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Virtual Staging Design Trends to Make Your Listing Pop

Learn about the 3 latest design trends to help get your listing sold.

Blue and gold furnishings

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, which is why thoughtful, professional, and on-trend virtual staging is a critical part of the buying and selling process. Additionally, a perfectly virtually staged home could potentially fetch you a higher price and a faster sale.

Staying up to date on the latest design trends may seem daunting, but don’t worry — Bridge City Staging has got you covered!

1. Sculptural Furniture

sculptural furniture

When virtually staging a home, every design element should make a positive impression. A popular 2022 design trend is furniture that doubles as art. This year, curved, organic pieces have taken center stage. Curves are friendly and add interest to the space and can read more like sculpture. This trend isn't right for every property, but that is where Bridge City Staging's expertise comes in. We are experts in what best represents a property and ensure that all the furniture in our virtual staging matches the style and price point of the listing.

2. Layers of Texture

layers of texture

Texture is very important in virtually staging a room. Not only do varied textures bring depth and dimension to a room, it also brings realism.

A room's color scheme can consist of one hue, yet still feel plush and alluring through layering. Different wood tones and textiles can increase a sense of tranquility.."

3. Tinted Accent Furniture

Tined furniture

Don't be afraid of color when virtually staging. Painted dressers, nightstands, and furniture frames give lovers of bold and bright spaces a chance to inject a healthy dose of color into their interiors. Plus, darker, more saturated colors such as bold blue, help to give an all white space feel a bit more expressive and certainly cozier.

Bridge City Staging will help your listing attract the greatest amount of potential buyers by keeping your listing fresh with these latest design trends!

Call 503-810-9527 to schedule your next virtual staging project!

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